GTWF Ep 47: Summertime

Posted: 8th June 2011 by Frank in Podcast

Citizens of the Tankerverse, this is your leader Frank reminding you that for the next couple months we will be on an every-other week schedule. Fear not! We will be bringing you some “Best of” episodes and special miniepisodes on our weeks off. This week, we have a story filled show for you that is all new, so grab a beer, sit back and listen to the guys babble on about: wet dreams, Pints for Prostates, the Raging Bitch, Ziggy’s, Elysian and much, more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @GTwFrank, leave us some feedback on iTunes, or buy some merch, and as always….#GFY and thanks for listening!


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Stories covered in Episode 47 of Getting Tanked With Frank:

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This weeks music was provided by Patrick Lee “Quittin’ Time #42″