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Electric, hydraulic and manual log splitters – which one’s the best?


Humans have been splitting wood since the dawn of civilization. At first, using their hands, then using axe, and now we use more advanced tools like log splitters. But there are many varieties for log splitters. Manual log splitters are very basic and they’ve been used for a while now, and there are also battery and fuel-powered log splitters, which do all the work for you. If you’re splitting vast amounts of wood, doing it all by yourself using manual log splitter is very difficult task. Even more so if you’re doing it using splitting axe.That’s why companies came up with easier and more effective solution of using fuels instead of raw manpower. There’s also concern of safety. Unless you’ve had years of experience splitting wood with maul or axe, you’re in constant danger of hurting yourself. Accidents happen all the time. This is why, some people, even those who might not have tons of woods to split, opt for log splitters instead. Even manual log splitters, which aren’t as effective as powered ones, according to this TheSawExpert tutorial, are much safer than using an axe. And they don’t even cost that much more! So that’s why i think that using axe to split the wood is too old fashioned. There’s no need to take that kind of risk when you have safer alternative. They also cut the workload in half. So if you usually spend one hour on splitting wood with an axe, expect to save thirty minutes per session. I can’t speak for everyone, but to me, saving time is just as important as saving money. So i definitely see value in investing in good manual log splitter.There are horizontal and vertical manual log splitters out there, and there’s little difference between them, so the choice is totally up to you. Get whichever will make your job easier. But manual log splitters run into problems when volume of the wood is too high. Then splitting gets frustrating and it’s just not worth the effort.

 Here’s where hydraulic log splitters come into play. They come in lots of different sizes and shapes, but in this post, i want to focus on electric ones. Because those are the ones that i have experience with.  Although i should mention that they’re not superior to every other log splitter out there. Each kind of hydraulic splitters have their own advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, electric splitters are one of the most expensive kind on the market, but you get what you pay for. Cost varies from two hundred dollars to upwards, and the difference between expensive and more affordable models is basically capacity and quality. Best electric log splitters are able to split logs of all diameters, while cheaper ones are restricted to being able to split smaller logs.

 To sum this up, if you’re occasional user, go for manual log splitters. If splitting wood is your daily task, look into investing in good electric log splitter. It may be worth it.