How to use power tools without getting yourself hurt

I’ve done many dangerous things, but whenever i’m about to use a power tool, i’m still afraid. It’s rational fear, because tools can cause humans a lot of harm. You might watch someone use a tool and think that you have it all figured out, but that couldn’t be further from truth. You have to make sure to pay attention to safety requirements. In woodworking, ignoring safety measurements is a gamble that isn’t worth taking, ever.

Most power tools involve a blade, or some other kind of quickly moving weaponry, which means that one misstep could be catastrophic. Therefore, the importance of using safety gear can’t be stressed enough. Whenever you’re using a tool, even if you’ve been doing it for years, it’s always recommended to use some kind of protection. Obviously, most frequently damaged parts of your body are hands, but there’ve been accidents which have damaged remote parts of body like feet or head.

Of course, there are tons of different types of power tools out there, some of which being more dangerous, others not so much. But if you’re working with any kind of sharp tool, you need to be careful regardless of anything else. – which means there are a lot of different ways you can hurt yourself. I wanted to also recommend protections for each part of your body real quick. To find out more about circular saws, check TheSawExpert blog.

Obvious protection for your hands are gloves. Whether you’re professional, working on projects full time, or just an amateur, you can never go wrong with good protection gloves. Most important feature that protective glove must have, is being cut resistant. Gloves are supposed to protect you and not allow saw blades to reach your hands. So it’s super important to picky about these, and pick only the best one. Even if it costs a little more than average. Material used for making good gloves is usually leather or other tough kind of material. It’s also a nice bonus if your gloves are warm. Sometimes you’ll have to work outside, and it’s probably obvious what you’ll need warm gloves for.

Head is also vulnerable and important part of your body to protect. Damage to your head could be lethal, so  you don’t want to take any chances on that. Most effective and simple method to protect yourself from head injuries, is wearing hard hat. Construction workers use it, and it works. You should also take care of your ears. Some power tools are extremely loud and it will eventually take toll on your hearing. So you should get earmuffs or soundproof headphones as soon as you can. It’s also very important to protect your eyes. You should be wearing some kind of goggles at all times in order to prevent anything from entering your eyes.

 There are also many safety jackets, knee pads and other protective clothing for your whole body. I’ve never had chance to try them on yet, so i’ll leave it up to you to find out more about them.

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